Audio Recordings

Ever wish you could take me where ever you go?  Get to hear me whisper dirty thoughts directly into your ear when you are out and about?  Family gatherings will never be boring again!  Carry any of these handy .wav and .mp3 on your cell or any digital device and my sultry dirty talking voice will echo in your ears where ever you go.

You're Such a Fucking Faggot

You're not looking for a girl with a cock because she's a girl.  Oh no.  You're a total fucking faggot and I'm going to humiliate you for your love of the dick.  6 Minutes of audio beratement of your faggotry.

MP3 Version 

I Know What You Are

I know what you are... In public you're powerful, but behind closed doors you feel like an impostor.  So sink on your knees and submit to me.  With my cock I'll break and emasculate you ... you will be my cock slave.  17 Minutes of Audio Domination

MP3 Version 

WAV version

Forced to Suck My Dick

You were excited having a hot woman going down on you... now I'm making sure you return the favor.  12 Minutes of Degrading Dick-Licking Audio

MP3 Version 

WAV version

Be My Cum Dump

It's time to drop all pretense, we both know what's in your future.  Your nights jerking off thinking of choking on a thick transsexual dick are about to pay off with you on your knees sucking my cock.  9 Minutes of Dirty Dialogue.

MP3 Version 

WAV version

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Let's Make Snow Devils

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