The Restaurant Stage

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You might have noticed some changes going on.


Although my website didn't launch until February of 2012, I began working filming for it during May of 2011.   Excluding the few month gap when I fell ill in late 2014, I've produced between 3-5 sets per month for nearly 8 years.  As I'm writing this, I have 436 sets of my own content shot -- outside of Joanna Jet & Krissy4U, no other TS performer has developed that much content.


The problem with shooting so many sets, is you fall into a rut.  I felt like I was doing the same things over and over again.  My sales numbers showed it too -- I was getting dangerously close to the point it wouldn't make sense to continue making porn.  So last November & December, I reviewed what I was doing and I started to put together a plan.


Phase One began in December & January.  I made some initial changes to the marketing... little tweaks that probably no one but me would notice.  I also made the decision, after talking to a few long-time website members, to return to a weekly update schedule starting in January.  I would shoot fewer photos, but those that I did take would be very representative of what I was shooting in the video.  The shots would be chosen for a very specific reason - we'll come back to that in a bit.  Fan response was immediate and positive. 


Phase Two began in March.  I made a commitment to publish more frequent updates to the "From the Archives" section.  A lot of my work wasn't online after the end of iFriends and I wanted to make sure my members had access to it.  I also worked to refresh the look of the website including starting to include Full HD versions of my new sets.  I started releasing gifs from my sets to social media.  Finally, I started making plans to change how I would produce content with a system designed to force me to be more creative and diverse.  


Today, with the start of Phase 3, you'll start to see the fruits of that new system for making content.  The idea itself proved to be a simple one - the goal was to design at least 13 modular "stages" which I could set up in the studio.  Each would represent a real world location I could use to inspire the fantasy of the set I was shooting.  This week's release, the first using this system is a great example of what I mean.  The Restaurant stage which premieres in "Crawl Under the Table and Suck My Dick" uses the public setting of the restaurant to create the atmosphere of exhibitionism while conjuring a fantasy I know many of your share: a desire for a private dinner date with me.  While the stage was set up, I also shot a second set on the Stage for which is scheduled for release in August -- I don't want to tip my hand too much with that set, but I can say it's dominant attitude is nearly the polar opposite of the romantic date.  With those two sets shot, I'll avoid shooting on that stage for another 6 months.  Next week, you'll see the second of these stages, the Laboratory.  #ForScience



So remember earlier how I said the photos would be specific?  The stages play a role in that too.  Next week, another initiative of mine will begin: For each of the next several months, I'll be publishing a free digital retro porno mag - TS MILF Wendy Summer's Motherload of Porn.  Each issue will feature over 20 pages full of captioned photos, a letter column, and even retro-feeling fake phone sex ads.  We'll do a test run for a few months.  If the response is positive, it'll become an ongoing feature.




But hey there's one more item coming up.  Starting in June, there will be a weekly update on Saturday with a remastered Full HD version of one of my older sets.  


So that means going forward, has the following update schedule:


Tues - From the Archive Update in the best resolution available (If an archive update is available - like sets, I give exclusivity to the distribution outlet for 15 months before it shows up elsewhere)


Thurs - Main Update - always a never-before-seen set available in all resolutions up to Full HD.  This set is a exclusive for 15 months.


Saturday - Remaster Update.  Re-releasing an existing update with Full HD versions of the file.


It's been hard for me not to talk about all of this before it was time for you all to see it.  The changes I've made so far seem to have all been well received and I'm sure you'll dig what is to come.  Just remember, if you like what I'm doing, please keep supporting me by buying my porn.  And if you don't like what I'm doing, let me know... I've been here for all of these years because of your fan support - if I can accomodate a rquest, I always do.  




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