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Your wife deserves way better than you... me. She's been craving a good dicking and I'm going to give it to her. Together we're going to cuckhold you. I'm going to slam my thick transsexual dick inside her pussy until it's fucked raw then fill her fuckhole with cum! You've never seen her this happy have you?  

Don't worry - we have plans for you. You can suck my dick to fluff my cock before I slide it in her slit and you can lick my cum out of her after we're done.

Cuckholding Clip Previews

Cuckhold POV

I Fuck Your Wife with My Dick Because Yours is Too Small

Your Wife Knows

I come home to you after a night of being fucked by my new boyfriend. I show you his cum dripping out of my shemale ass and tell you how he pleasures me in way you never can. You are such a fucking loser! 

I just finished fucking your wife. Your dick is too small and she needed some pleasure. 

Your wife found your browsing history of transsexual porn.  After she let me fuck her, she enlisted me to make you into a cuck.  She wants me to turn you into a little dick-licking bitch so she can go fuck a real man.  Isn't it what you always wanted?   

I Have Fun With My Transsexual Friends

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These girls love something more than just soft tits or a hard cock.  They want it all.  My and my sexy TS friends love to play together, rubbing our dicks and bodies together until we cum like the filthy sluts we are.  Watch us play hide the dick as we ram our cocks into one another as we suck & fuck to satisfaction.

Want to be the meat in our sandwich?

TS on TS Clip Previews


Wendy, Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray

Breaking My Balls

I took a job as a manager at a swanky boutique and, since I owed a friend a favor, have been saddled with the "Employee from Hell".  It's not too long before Sadie shows me who's the boss!

Wendy's teaching Rebeka & Amy some of her tricks of the trade for making hot porn, but it won't be long before these two show Wendy a few tricks of their own. Care for a front row seat as these girls suck & fuck? 

Get ready for some steamy sex-ploitation - TS style! Take a walk with me into the danger zone as I put my impressive rack on display at a seedy pool hall. When I get caught hustling the lovely Lizzie, her girlfriend - TS sensation Kitty Doll - exacts her sweet revenge!

Sissy Training

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Does it turn you on to be feminized?  Dressed as such a pretty sissy ready to please your mistress.  Don't worry, I'm ready to make you the girl of my dreams.  I'll teach you how to walk, talk and how to be the perfect little cum slut.  I'll teach you to embrace your inner girl and train you to be a dirty whore like me.  All you need is a stern, but loving hand like me to guide you into a life of depraved sissyhood.

Sissy Training Clip Previews

I'm Outting You As a Sissy at Work

Sissy Satin Slumber Party

I Caught You Sissy

You spend all your time telling your mistress how badly you want to be a little sissy faggot, and then you're surprised when I show up at the restaurant you work at and I out you?  

I know there's no better feeling than the smoothness of satin against your skin. I've invited you, my favorite sissy slut, for a sultry slumber party between my silky sheets. I have a satin slip all ready for you. Shall we fuck each other in?

You think I didn't notice how my panties were stained and my makeup was being used? I know exactly what you are and I'm going to make you admit it... you're a little sissy faggot.

Small Penis Humiliation

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Seriously, you think I'm going to let your pencil dick anywhere near me?  How pathetic are you that a girl like me has a bigger cock?  But don't worry my little small dick loser... I have plans to make you useful even if your dick is too small.  Whether I cuckhold you, make you a cum guzzling faggot fluffer or use your ass as a human fleshlight, someone like you with such a tiny cock is just a fucking joke.  

Your dick is so small, there's no way you could pleasure a woman.  Look at how limp and sad that cock is.  You ought to be ashamed by that little dick.  Don't worry I'll so your tiny dick pic to all my girlfriends so we can have a good laugh.  We'll shame you so much that no woman will ever want to be near you.

Small Penis Humiliation Clip Previews

Small Dick Loser

I Fuck Your Wife with My Dick Because Yours is Too Small

You Know What They Say About Small Hands

It's bad enough I catch you peeping on me, but your cock is so small. How does it feel to know a girl has a bigger cock than you?

I just finished fucking your wife. Your dick is too small and she needed some pleasure. 

I thought it was just a rumor that guys with small hands have small cocks, but when you drop your pants I see the truth. I can't help but laugh. I'm going to get off, so you are going to suck my dick


Small Dick Date


Your dick is such a little fucking pencil nub that I can't stop laughing. Maybe you should try sucking cock.


Taboo with your TS Stepmom

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Even though it's taboo, you've lusted after your step-mom for some time.  Now you're all grown-up and she's seducing you stud.  She knows how you secretly lust after girls with a cock and she's going to help you fulfill your fantasy.  

You've craved the taste of a cock and now you've got hers in your throat.  She'll even give you your fist taste of cum.  Isn't she a great step-mom?

TS Stepmom Clip Previews

My Shemale Stepmom - Night Out

My Shemale Stepmom - Barnes and No No

My TS Stepmom: Caught Masturbating

It's hard for you to contain your curiosity about your shemale stepmom, so I'm not surprised as you watch me get ready for a night out on the town with your father. I can't help but give you a little taste of what Dad's getting later tonight. I don't usually indulge in dessert before dinner, but in this case, I'll make an exception!  

I have a novel idea while my husband is away - a silky nightie, a romance novel and a sexy "staycation". I also notice you, my stepson, getting an eyeful of my "story time". Would you like to join me and see a true happy ending? 

I didn't know you were home from college.  You walked in while I played with myself.  I can see from the bulge in your pants that you like seeing your stepmom masturbate.  Why don't you come closer and I'll give you a show?


My TS Stepmom - The Bet


When my adult stepson balks at the notion of cleaning the garage, I challenge him to a friendly bet. My stepson, who I catch checking out my round ass and shapely legs - showcased in a sexy mini skirt, takes the bet and tells me that if he wins, he wants to indulge in some activity that's sure to put the "X" in "Xbox"! 


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