A Magical Fucking Unicorn

Wendy showing her ass off in her Unicorn panties

A transsexual like me can sometimes seem like a unicorn... so difficult to find but the rewards of finding one are just magical. I don't cum rainbows, but I think you'll enjoy my reward for catching me.

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No More Pussy for You

Wendy in a low cut dress taunting you

There's no more pussy for you, only cock. Admit it. You want that thick, juicy piece of meat sliding down your throat.

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My Phat Ass

Wendy shows her phat ass off

I hear you like a girl with a bountiful booty. Are you ready for this phat ass?

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Waking Up With You

Showing off my cleavage in bed

Fuck You. I hate working pick and pack in this warehouse. After Bob from accounting yelled at me last week for using too much packing materials, my boss yelled at me today for using too little. I don't fucking need this job... they want more stuff in the box... I'll give them more... I'm gonna cum in this next order.

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Wendy in her Cherry Print Lingerie

I'm ready to blossom! In my cute tank and panties, I am ripe for the picking - so why not enjoy a horny harvest of this sweet girl? I've got something hiding in my panties that's red and juicy like the tart fruit.

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