Lick My Tits, Ass & Cock

MILF Wendy is ready to make you lick her tits ass & cock

Do you want to taste my cock? You realize if you want to wrap those lips around my thick dick and let your tongue slide up and down my shaft, you'll need to show me just how well you can use that tongue. Are you ready to lick all over?

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You're Surprised By My Cock

TS MILF will make you a cocksucker

When you saw me at the club you said you'd do anything to come home with me. Well, you're here now and I have something very particular in mind for you. Are you ready to do anything to be with me?

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Stepmom Surprise

Wendy in a robe that barely covers her

Aa a college student, are you too old for nookie with your milk?

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Suck My Dick to Close the Deal

Executive MILF Wendy shows her power over you

I'm not sure I want to use you as a vendor... there's only one way to convince me: you're going to get on your knees and beg to suck my dick.

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I Jerk Off Before Bed

Wendy teases you with her thick cock

Talk about a lost set... I filmed this back in 2011 for my iFriends fan club, but as near as I can tell never edited or released it. While indexing some old hard drives a few weeks back, I found the raw footage. I'm please to present this video for the first time anywhere.

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