Watermelon Sodomy

From a Live Performance at Divine Decadence

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Catching My Sissy Faggot Boyfriend

Before I got into porn,  I had been dating this guy.  When we first started dating he was very intrigued by the fact I had a dick.  Over the course of two months, the two of us were growing closer and we were spending a lot more time together.  I always got the feeling he was holding something back from me, but I figured it was early in the relationship and I needed to give him time to trust me.  One thing I did notice was he always insisted I wear the prettiest satin and lace lingerie I had every time the two of us had sex.   Well even if he wasn’t quite ready to trust me, I was willing to trust him.  I often worked late in the office at the last minute, so I gave him a key to my place so he could let himself in.


One day I was in a rush to get to an early meeting, so I didn’t have time to pack my lunch.  At lunchtime, I went home to grab a bite.  When I got there, I found the deadbolt wasn’t locked even though I could swear I remembered locking it.  As I opened the door, I heard a noise from back in my bedroom.  In grabbed a baseball bat from the hall closet and went back to investigate.  “Who’s there?” I called out.


I heard my boyfriend answer back from the other side of the door, “It’s just me hon… give me a second?”  I was mad.  What the hell was he doing in my apartment in the middle of the afternoon?  I was in no mood for waiting so I threw the bedroom door open.  I was shocked by what I saw.

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A Hard Worker

A few days ago one of my fans on iFriends reminded me of a sexploit I had a few years ago in the corporate world.  We had meetings at one of our vendor's headquarters.  As I was chatting with the vendor's team, I realized one of the team members was clearly been aware of my porn work.  

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